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spy-wireless.com can offer a wide range of the latest spy equipment from micro wireless cameras to full intergrated wireless cctv systems .The world of spy equipment has changes dramatically over the last few years and what was once only available to goverments is now the same if not better spy equiment that only a decade ago was in the realms of science fiction and the movie world. you can now have acess to the most amazing spy cameras and covert spy systems ever concived, and at a price that a normal persxon can afford, not someone with a goverment budget. The are hundres of uses for these covert spy systems, from the nanny cam, to remote survielance, to covert operations, protecting your business premise your home and valuables, also the micro size wirless cameras are popular with modle enthusists and some amazing footage can be recorded when you attach one of these tiny camers to a remote control car, or boat ,or plane.Now you have acess to the latest technology available and it is constantly improving each and every day, keep an eye out for all the latest spy equipment from spy-wirless.com. What was once only available the the elite is now here for you.

spy equipment

Ultra small upto 16GB video recorder

was 49.99 NOW 25.95 free delivery

Pocket video spy wireless camera upto 16GB recording

A wireless spy camera and recording device so small well just look at it..

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spy equipment pen

Spy camera pen 16GB capacity 4GB card included

was 59.99 NOW 29.95 free delivery

Covert pen camera records upto 16gb

WITH FREE 4GB MICRO CARD Latest covert pen wireless spy camera and recorder....

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Button Covert Camera

Key Ring Fob camera upto 16GB

was 32.95 NOW 15.95 free delivery

Covert upto 16GB Key Ring Fob Camera

Mini Key Ring Fob camera upto 16GB covert DVR with high quality video and audio...

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spy pen camera video recorder

Watch Spy Video Recorder 8GB

was 119.99 NOW 72.95 free delivery

Covert Watch Camera records 8GB

Surveillance 8GB recording camera built into classy looking wrist watch...

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cheap micro wireless spy camera

Covert Digital Clock Camera

was 59.99 NOW 29.95 free delivery

Digital Alarm Clock Camera motion activated

Surveillance motion activated recording camera built into a digital alarm clock...

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