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Pinhole lens cameras are often called "spy" cameras and may be mounted in a concealed way for covert surveillance purposes. Any camera installation will require proper wiring. With this in mind, investing in the highest quality and performance cameras and purchasing performance recorders. from an economical and practical standpoint. be able to give more details and recommend equipment for specific needs and requirements. CCTV systems are used mainly in large public areas like: banks, malls, train stations, sport stadiums and in almost every large store. If you're interested in intimidating burglars, you might consider buying very large and conspicuous cameras. The higher the frame speed the more fluent the video recording. useful when monitoring is required in different locations through the Internet or network. The basic operating system, usually Linux, is permanently stored on a special processor, witch is impossible to overwrite or corrupt. However, higher density 1/4" and 1/3" CCD chips can now produce as good an image as many 1/3" or 1/2" chips.

These are only the fundamental components. Another issue to consider is what recording device to use with the camera.

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CCTV cameras are usually divided into different types based on the body of the camera used: Is the cleaning lady stealing from me? CCTV systems We strongly suggest having a DVR recorder in your CCTV system. Also, wireless internet enables many modern wireless cameras to send images by email, so you can check on the camera from just about any computer. 2.4 GHz Wireless Security CameraThat's very nice, you say, but what's wrong with regular surveillance cameras? Cameras should always be selected based on the location of the camera (inside/outside), distance from the monitoring object, light conditions and budget. Even though CCTV cameras need light to pick up images and can't get a clear picture in the dark, that's not a problem if you have an infrared illuminator. By flooding the area with invisible infrared light, IR illuminators let you keep an eye on intruders who mistakenly think nighttime is the right time to break in. There are two major types of digital recorders on the market right now. A camera located in a semi-public area such as your front porch can be put in a vandal resistant dome for protection.

The term spying can bring to mind negative associations. However, the term does injustice to the camera's true function. On the other hand color cameras offer more realistic and natural pictures.

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