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Did the babysitter invite friends over even though I specifically instructed her not to? Any camera installation will require proper wiring. A standard resolution camera may have 350-380 lines, over 400 TV Lines is generally considered good resolution while over 500 TV lines is considered high resolution. A camera located in a semi-public area such as your front porch can be put in a vandal resistant dome for protection. Another advantage of wireless cameras is their remote monitoring capabilities. Most bullet cameras are weatherproof and sealed without the ability to use different lenses. Standalone Systems Pinhole lens cameras are often called "spy" cameras and may be mounted in a concealed way for covert surveillance purposes. Types of IR Illuminators useful when monitoring is required in different locations through the Internet or network.

Wireless spy cameras send electronic signals through a transmitter. The 'nanny camera' needs to fit in as part of your bedroom decoration.

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the person doing the monitoring is also confined to a short range if they want to see the images clearly. Aren't there plenty of perfectly good, modern digital security cameras that aren't wireless? A camera located in a semi-public area such as your front porch can be put in a vandal resistant dome for protection. If you're interested in intimidating burglars, you might consider buying very large and conspicuous cameras. The application of CCTV security has not changed very much over the past years, but on the other hand, the tools and equipment have changed significantly. Cables and wiring Most Bullet cameras, in comparison, do not offer high resolution and lens selection flexibility, but are likely to be weatherproof. The receiver's output can be stored in a VCR, DVR or viewed in real time on a TV or computer monitor. In this case, you can install a 'nanny camera' in the bedroom. The size of the CCD chip is normally 1/4", 1/3" or 1/2".

This type of surveillance system is extremely efficient in monitoring large crowds in real-time. Also, the signal from a fixed camera deteriorates over long distances-so not only are the cameras stuck in one place.

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