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Speco IR-200 Infrared IlluminatorOf course, if you want IR-illumination to work, you have to use the right cameras. Black-and-white surveillance cameras are the most IR-sensitive; most color-cameras are equipped with filters that block out infrared light to enhance image quality. Many manufacturers have come out with IR-sensitive dual-mode cameras, which offer color images and can switch from daytime to night vision automatically, but the IR-sensitivity of these, too, varies according to the camera. So if you're investing in a CCTV system and want to incorporate IR illumination, make sure you check the cameras for IR-sensitivity in advance. Also check the camera's sensitivity to light. Who is lifting my newspapers every morning? We advise to carefully check your security needs before buying a CCTV system. Think of places around the house or yard that you can't control by sight. Remember that the camera's function is to replace your presence in sensitive areas. Because wireless cameras don't use cables, they're portable, low-maintenance, and easy to install. There is nothing negative about a house owner or a concerned parent wanting to protect his family and property. For short-range transmissions (to a police van around the corner, for instance), a WCCTV camera may beam the signal point-to-point-that is, straight to the receiving device. for professional installation, security monitors are as important as cameras. They offer extended life to a picture tube (necessary with any static picture, that can cause picture burnout) and much better resolution. Types of IR Illuminators Video might have killed the radio star but there is no doubt today that DVRs are responsible for the mass extinction of VCRs.

For example: for the lack of a better option you decide to observe your cleaning help. with all kinds of other gadgets and accessories-in small, unassuming surveillance cameras that look like streetlights.

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Did she take care of the baby while he was crying? Or perhaps instead she preferred to keep on watching television? Determine exactly what your viewing needs are, and which functions you expect the camera to serve. Each group differs from the other by means of function and size, although some features are shared by both groups. On the other hand color cameras offer more realistic and natural pictures. They are easy to install and are usually a bargain when compared with the peace of mind you gain by installing them. Introduction to CCTV Systems and Spy Cameras Most cameras use CCD technology. Most of the video processing is done by hardware, therefore eliminating system crashes. Spy cameras For example: for the lack of a better option you decide to observe your cleaning help.

Infrared technology is simply LED light in infrared spectrum (not visible to the human eye). If you are concerned that large intimidating cameras might make people uncomfortable, consider using smaller cameras or hidden ones.

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