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Another quality to consider is the camera's resolution. A camera, a monitor and a time lapse recording mechanism (usually made in VCR or DVR formats). The downside of wireless cameras is the need to replace or recharge their batteries every once in a while. Bullet cameras usually come with 3.6mm lenses witch are considered to be suitable for most standard installations (good for covering small to medium size rooms or equivalent). The application of CCTV security has not changed very much over the past years, but on the other hand, the tools and equipment have changed significantly. These cameras may be packaged in a small case (Mini Cameras) or dome (Mini Dome) or simply sold unpackaged, for mounting by the purchaser. Monitoring software could always be updated and you can always add more memory space. Many people are under the misconception that a personal computer with additional hardware installed, will do the job. The 'nanny camera' needs to fit in as part of your bedroom decoration. Basic components of CCTV systems

video is also stored on hard drive in digital format. Types of IR Illuminators

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Make sure that the monitor you're using has a compatible resolution. With this in mind, investing in the highest quality and performance cameras and purchasing performance recorders. from an economical and practical standpoint. Once again, before buying a CCTV system or a spy camera it is always wise to consult a professional. Very similar in appearance and control functions to a standard VCR recorders, these are truely remarkable devices. The cost of IR illuminators varies widely, depending on what type you buy and where you buy it-anywhere from under $30 on Ebay to around $200 commercially. There is, of course, middle ground, so do your research and shop around. You want to make sure you're getting the most for your money-so not only will you sleep better at night, you'll see better at night, too. A Buyer's Guide to Home Security Camera System So why keep asking? A simple recording camera could easily clear all of these uncertainties. Motion detection will allow video recording from each camera only when motion is detected. For larger areas or for real-time monitoring you will probably need to add cameras, monitors and other special devices. However, this type of camera can provide a low cost solution in the right situation, particularly in a home environment.

Most Bullet cameras, in comparison, do not offer high resolution and lens selection flexibility, but are likely to be weatherproof. Because wireless cameras don't use cables, they're portable, low-maintenance, and easy to install.

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