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They are considered to be the most flexible and are widely used by professionals for commercial installations. CCTV cameras are usually divided into different types based on the body of the camera used: Most bullet cameras are weatherproof and sealed without the ability to use different lenses. We advise to carefully check your security needs before buying a CCTV system. Think of places around the house or yard that you can't control by sight. Remember that the camera's function is to replace your presence in sensitive areas. Another quality to consider is the camera's resolution. It can be your new alarm clock or pillow, but not a teddy bear (unless of course furry stuffed animals are a common sight in your bedroom). Types of IR Illuminators B/W chip cameras produce greater resolution and better light sensitivity, therefore suitable for use in dark areas where light conditions are poor most of the time. Lenses in these cameras are either of a normal industry aperture or a "pinhole" lens of very small aperture. The maximum distance the receiver can be from the camera depends on its transmission capability.

Some systems can only be used over short distances like a nearby room or house, while others can be useful from miles away. The plug and play cables are easy enough to install by non-experienced users.

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Whereas cables can only go so far before the signal goes bad, wireless transmission can send clear, high-quality pictures all the way across the globe. There are two major types of digital recorders on the market right now. These cameras may be packaged in a small case (Mini Cameras) or dome (Mini Dome) or simply sold unpackaged, for mounting by the purchaser. They are considered to be the most flexible and are widely used by professionals for commercial installations. As with any other security camera, you can choose from a wide selection of bells and whistles: audio, motion sensors, infrared filters, computerized pan/tilt/zoom, night vision capabilities, and even automated alarm-triggering functions. Assess your security needs, decide which features are important to you, and shop accordingly. It is also a good idea to use plans or blueprints of your house; you can mark locations and measure distances more accurately this way. What about the new Nanny we hired? The cost of IR illuminators varies widely, depending on what type you buy and where you buy it-anywhere from under $30 on Ebay to around $200 commercially. There is, of course, middle ground, so do your research and shop around. You want to make sure you're getting the most for your money-so not only will you sleep better at night, you'll see better at night, too. The larger the number of TV lines, the better the resolution and hence, overall picture quality. Types of IR Illuminators

TVL stands for TV Lines, and the higher the value, the better the quality. Wireless Surveillance Cameras

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