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Hard drives are smaller and more convenient to maintain than VCRs. Digital recorders transfer an analog camera video feed into digital format, and store it on to a hard drive. With crime on the rise in more areas than most of us would like to imagine, most are not aware of the many many ways one can use the current innovations in security to protect you and your family without spending a fortune. Here are just a few of the many gadgets out in the market today that will make you feel better about leaving your home or a loved one in the care of someone else in your home. with all kinds of other gadgets and accessories-in small, unassuming surveillance cameras that look like streetlights. It is also a good idea to use plans or blueprints of your house; you can mark locations and measure distances more accurately this way. Home security cameras offer reassurance in the protection of your property and family. This is good for, say, tracking criminals who don't stay in one place, or for catching action that's outside the camera's range. Most of the video processing is done by hardware, therefore eliminating system crashes. As the name suggests, wireless CCTV (WCCTV) cameras require no cables or wiring to send data. Today, increasing numbers of domestic households adopt CCTV systems as a common means of protection and communication.

Some systems can only be used over short distances like a nearby room or house, while others can be useful from miles away. The size of the CCD chip is normally 1/4", 1/3" or 1/2".

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As the name suggests, wireless CCTV (WCCTV) cameras require no cables or wiring to send data. If you are concerned that large intimidating cameras might make people uncomfortable, consider using smaller cameras or hidden ones. Professional grade cameras have a box type body with the ability to use different types and sizes of lenses. The basic operating system, usually Linux, is permanently stored on a special processor, witch is impossible to overwrite or corrupt. Standalone Systems Video from Security recorder could be displayed on a regular TV monitor. Since the lenses in board cameras are pre-mounted, have a fixed iris and are usually of a short focal length (i.e. wide angle), their flexibility of usefulness is limited. Exchangeable lenses enable this camera, to monitor objects from virtually any distanceAlthough intended for indoor use, they can be used for outdoors when combined with weatherproof housing. video is also stored on hard drive in digital format. You could also mix-in a number of dummy cameras as part of your security arrangement.

Another quality to consider is the camera's resolution. Controlling the DVR is simple and it offers you a variety of recording speeds.

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