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Who is lifting my newspapers every morning? Many people are under the misconception that a personal computer with additional hardware installed, will do the job. Home security cameras offer reassurance in the protection of your property and family. Is the cleaning lady stealing from me? The larger the number of TV lines, the better the resolution and hence, overall picture quality. Another issue to consider is what recording device to use with the camera. They can easily be relocated without having to rely on nearby power or communication sources. Lux units measure sensitivity, that is, the amount of light per square meter. Low lux units in the camera's specs means it has enhanced ability to operate in poor ambient light conditions. As a rule of thumb, the larger the size, the higher the quality of the image produced and the higher the price. Your decision should take into account the amount of light existing in the camera's environment.

Video from Security recorder could be displayed on a regular TV monitor. Darker environments require 1/3" - 1" sizes.

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The basic CCTV system can be divided into three components: The plug and play cables are easy enough to install by non-experienced users. Will you monitor the house 24/7? Or will you simply record using a time lapse VCR and then view the tapes after something happens. WCCTV technology uses microwaves in the form of radar, radio, or lasers to transmit the camera signals to a remote location-a radio receiver, a DVR, your PC or laptop, or wherever else you'd like to view the images. There is nothing negative about a house owner or a concerned parent wanting to protect his family and property. The transmitter is located near the camera and they're usually attached to each other within the same box. TVL stands for TV Lines, and the higher the value, the better the quality. Determine exactly what your viewing needs are, and which functions you expect the camera to serve. Bullet cameras usually come with 3.6mm lenses witch are considered to be suitable for most standard installations (good for covering small to medium size rooms or equivalent). It is also known that black and white cameras perform better than color cameras in areas with poor lighting.

Speco IR-200 Infrared IlluminatorOf course, if you want IR-illumination to work, you have to use the right cameras. Black-and-white surveillance cameras are the most IR-sensitive; most color-cameras are equipped with filters that block out infrared light to enhance image quality. Many manufacturers have come out with IR-sensitive dual-mode cameras, which offer color images and can switch from daytime to night vision automatically, but the IR-sensitivity of these, too, varies according to the camera. So if you're investing in a CCTV system and want to incorporate IR illumination, make sure you check the cameras for IR-sensitivity in advance. based on intended implementation and requirements.

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