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Also, the signal from a fixed camera deteriorates over long distances-so not only are the cameras stuck in one place. Because wireless cameras don't use cables, they're portable, low-maintenance, and easy to install. The basic CCTV system can be divided into three components: Another idea is to put a security yard sign informing that the house is monitored around the clock. Add to that the risk of tampering or damage to the cables, and you have a strong case for wireless. A special board and software installed on the computer will allow camera inputs and store video on the hard drive. The camera kits vary depending on their use. Some camera kits can be used on a computer, taking advantage of its monitor and memory. Home security cameras offer reassurance in the protection of your property and family. A Buyer's Guide to Home Security Camera System A Buyer's Guide to Home Security Camera System

In short runs plug and play non-coaxial cables with factory installed BNC connectors may be used (up to 150 ft.). the person doing the monitoring is also confined to a short range if they want to see the images clearly.

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It can be your new alarm clock or pillow, but not a teddy bear (unless of course furry stuffed animals are a common sight in your bedroom). Add to that the risk of tampering or damage to the cables, and you have a strong case for wireless. Board Cameras are basically a fixed lens mounted on a circuit board. Who is lifting my newspapers every morning? Of course there are. But the trouble with non-wireless, or fixed, security cameras is that they require expensive cabling and valuable time and energy to install-and then, after all that effort, they're stuck in one place. Pinhole lens cameras are often called "spy" cameras and may be mounted in a concealed way for covert surveillance purposes. For example: for the lack of a better option you decide to observe your cleaning help. As with any other security camera, you can choose from a wide selection of bells and whistles: audio, motion sensors, infrared filters, computerized pan/tilt/zoom, night vision capabilities, and even automated alarm-triggering functions. Assess your security needs, decide which features are important to you, and shop accordingly. Whereas cables can only go so far before the signal goes bad, wireless transmission can send clear, high-quality pictures all the way across the globe. Lenses in these cameras are either of a normal industry aperture or a "pinhole" lens of very small aperture.

Most board cameras also come with 3.6mm lenses, although some will allow lenses to be replaced. Spy cameras vary in size and design. Actually, the word disguise, rather than design, is probably a better word for describing spy cameras.

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