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bullet cameras are a great choice for residential and do-it-yourself (DIY) installations where monitoring objects are within about 25ft from the camera location (with standard 3.6mm lens). This technology uses a small piece of silicon, instead of film, to receive the image captured by the lens. In order to get started, it's important to divide this large category into two smaller sub-groups: CCTV systems and spy cams. The camera you buy should fit 'naturally' into its surroundings in such a way that it does not draw attention. Board Cameras are basically a fixed lens mounted on a circuit board. The term spying can bring to mind negative associations. However, the term does injustice to the camera's true function. Also, the signal from a fixed camera deteriorates over long distances-so not only are the cameras stuck in one place. When choosing a camera you'll have to consider two more aspects: the viewable image size and your preference of B/W or color. B/W chip cameras produce greater resolution and better light sensitivity, therefore suitable for use in dark areas where light conditions are poor most of the time. Aren't there plenty of perfectly good, modern digital security cameras that aren't wireless?

Good quality cables will prevent video degradation over long distance runs. It is recommended to use RG59 or RG6 coaxial cables as they are fully shielded and will prevent video loss up to 400 ft. These are only the fundamental components.

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With crime on the rise in more areas than most of us would like to imagine, most are not aware of the many many ways one can use the current innovations in security to protect you and your family without spending a fortune. Here are just a few of the many gadgets out in the market today that will make you feel better about leaving your home or a loved one in the care of someone else in your home. For short-range transmissions (to a police van around the corner, for instance), a WCCTV camera may beam the signal point-to-point-that is, straight to the receiving device. Most cameras use CCD technology. The days of the well-known CCTV time-lapse VCR recorder are almost over. Although some customers still prefer this old fashioned recording solution. In this article we will focus our attention on the most popular and widely used camera types in the CCTV "family". This is great for extending video recording time. Board cameras in contrast are widely used in covert camera installations, sometimes called Spy Cameras. Today, increasing numbers of domestic households adopt CCTV systems as a common means of protection and communication. In this article we will focus our attention on the most popular and widely used camera types in the CCTV "family". These are only the fundamental components.

A basic spy camera for home security use is usually based on three main parts, each performing a different function. Bullet cameras are, as the name suggests, contained inside a bullet shaped housing.

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