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This technology uses a small piece of silicon, instead of film, to receive the image captured by the lens. Most Bullet cameras, in comparison, do not offer high resolution and lens selection flexibility, but are likely to be weatherproof. Many wireless cameras are basically board cameras with built-in transmitters. Board cameras are sold as plain circuit boards, for integrating into hidden camera devices. An IR-illuminator is a device that emits infrared light-low frequency electromagnetic radiation that's outside the visible spectrum. In other words, it gives off light that a camera can pick up and use, but that a person can't see-so while it's still dark to the human eye, the camera can see just fine. The cost of IR illuminators varies widely, depending on what type you buy and where you buy it-anywhere from under $30 on Ebay to around $200 commercially. There is, of course, middle ground, so do your research and shop around. You want to make sure you're getting the most for your money-so not only will you sleep better at night, you'll see better at night, too. Another issue to consider is what recording device to use with the camera. Who is lifting my newspapers every morning? If you are concerned that large intimidating cameras might make people uncomfortable, consider using smaller cameras or hidden ones. Another quality to consider is the camera's resolution. Security Gadgets to Protect Yourself and Your Family

IR illuminators are especially useful for CCTV systems, which use surveillance cameras to monitor banks, shopping malls, government facilities-even private homes. Since security breaches are likely to happen after hours, it pays to be able to see these facilities clearly in the dark. For example, why use cameras with 500 TV lines of resolution with a monitor that offers only 380 or less.

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Most cameras use CCD technology. Professional grade cameras have a box type body with the ability to use different types and sizes of lenses. It allows you to save special events you have recorded and edit them easily. many important features, like lens control output, Back Light Compensation and many more. CCTV Camera Types Spy cameras In some cases the use of cameras is inevitable. Coaxial cables will require BNC connectors and proper installation by experienced technicians. Thanks to the on-line surveillance systems and the time lapse VCR that recorded them, the bombers were captured and brought to justice. PC Based CCTV Systems

Add to that the risk of tampering or damage to the cables, and you have a strong case for wireless. This article reviews camera and monitor types as means of providing protection and household safety.

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