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It is also a good idea to use plans or blueprints of your house; you can mark locations and measure distances more accurately this way. A camera, a monitor and a time lapse recording mechanism (usually made in VCR or DVR formats). This technology uses a small piece of silicon, instead of film, to receive the image captured by the lens. CCD stands for Charge Coupled-Device. The most popular examples of covert board cameras are smoke detector and motion detector cameras. Did she take care of the baby while he was crying? Or perhaps instead she preferred to keep on watching television? The basic CCTV system can be divided into three components: We recommend this type of security cameras for commercial installations. A Buyer's Guide to Home Security Camera System Professional grade cameras have a box type body with the ability to use different types and sizes of lenses.

The maximum distance the receiver can be from the camera depends on its transmission capability. The average security camera has about 430 TVL.

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the person doing the monitoring is also confined to a short range if they want to see the images clearly. It differs from broadcast TV in that its elements are directly linked (i.e. closed circuit) by cables or different wireless technologies. Decent quality CCTV cameras use CCD technology. Most board cameras also come with 3.6mm lenses, although some will allow lenses to be replaced. Over time, the most practical design has been the Dome Camera; with its esthetic appearance it blends well into most surroundings, especially with drop down sealings. Each group differs from the other by means of function and size, although some features are shared by both groups. They are considered to be the most flexible and are widely used by professionals for commercial installations. For example: for the lack of a better option you decide to observe your cleaning help. for professional installation, security monitors are as important as cameras. They offer extended life to a picture tube (necessary with any static picture, that can cause picture burnout) and much better resolution. Motion detection will allow video recording from each camera only when motion is detected.

This basic kit consists of four wireless surveillance cameras, a small monitor and a recording device. Video might have killed the radio star but there is no doubt today that DVRs are responsible for the mass extinction of VCRs.

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