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with all kinds of other gadgets and accessories-in small, unassuming surveillance cameras that look like streetlights. They are considered to be the most flexible and are widely used by professionals for commercial installations. Receivers can easily penetrate brick walls, glass windows and other materials depending, of course, on their ability and strength. For larger rooms or longer distances, cameras with 6mm or higher lenses may be required. Lenses in these cameras are either of a normal industry aperture or a "pinhole" lens of very small aperture. The market offers two basic types of recording devices based on VCR or DVR technologies. The most popular examples of covert board cameras are smoke detector and motion detector cameras. A great advantage of bullet cameras is their small size and integrated design. Over time, the most practical design has been the Dome Camera; with its esthetic appearance it blends well into most surroundings, especially with drop down sealings. The plug and play cables are easy enough to install by non-experienced users.

CCTV cameras are usually divided into different types based on the body of the camera used: Speco IR-200 Infrared IlluminatorOf course, if you want IR-illumination to work, you have to use the right cameras. Black-and-white surveillance cameras are the most IR-sensitive; most color-cameras are equipped with filters that block out infrared light to enhance image quality. Many manufacturers have come out with IR-sensitive dual-mode cameras, which offer color images and can switch from daytime to night vision automatically, but the IR-sensitivity of these, too, varies according to the camera. So if you're investing in a CCTV system and want to incorporate IR illumination, make sure you check the cameras for IR-sensitivity in advance.

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IR Illuminators and CCTV Some DVR systems will even have remote monitoring capability. An IR-illuminator is a device that emits infrared light-low frequency electromagnetic radiation that's outside the visible spectrum. In other words, it gives off light that a camera can pick up and use, but that a person can't see-so while it's still dark to the human eye, the camera can see just fine. A basic spy camera for home security use is usually based on three main parts, each performing a different function. Buying Tips CCTV systems It allows you to save special events you have recorded and edit them easily. With crime on the rise in more areas than most of us would like to imagine, most are not aware of the many many ways one can use the current innovations in security to protect you and your family without spending a fortune. Here are just a few of the many gadgets out in the market today that will make you feel better about leaving your home or a loved one in the care of someone else in your home. A camera located in a semi-public area such as your front porch can be put in a vandal resistant dome for protection. CCTV systems are used mainly in large public areas like: banks, malls, train stations, sport stadiums and in almost every large store.

The camera you buy should fit 'naturally' into its surroundings in such a way that it does not draw attention. Be sure to consult a professional before making this decision.

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