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Aren't there plenty of perfectly good, modern digital security cameras that aren't wireless? Will you monitor the house 24/7? Or will you simply record using a time lapse VCR and then view the tapes after something happens. Hard drives are smaller and more convenient to maintain than VCRs. They are considered to be the most flexible and are widely used by professionals for commercial installations. Also, wireless internet enables many modern wireless cameras to send images by email, so you can check on the camera from just about any computer. This is great for extending video recording time. It is OK to do it this way, for baby monitoring or residential application, when quality of the picture is not that important. useful when monitoring is required in different locations through the Internet or network. A DVR enables you to choose the exact time of recording you want to see without having to rewind hours of tape. Decent quality CCTV cameras use CCD technology.

These are only the fundamental components. The receiver's output can be stored in a VCR, DVR or viewed in real time on a TV or computer monitor.

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useful when monitoring is required in different locations through the Internet or network. On the other hand color cameras offer more realistic and natural pictures. For instance: a camera's night vision can be improved by adding an infrared illuminator under the camera bracket. A camera, a monitor and a time lapse recording mechanism (usually made in VCR or DVR formats). When fixing the camera in its chosen spot you might have to play around a bit with its location until you receive a clear signal. Since the lenses in board cameras are pre-mounted, have a fixed iris and are usually of a short focal length (i.e. wide angle), their flexibility of usefulness is limited. For example, why use cameras with 500 TV lines of resolution with a monitor that offers only 380 or less. Infrared technology is simply LED light in infrared spectrum (not visible to the human eye). Surveillance cameras have become smaller, cheaper and better, but the major breakthrough has been in the recording equipment. One of the most important futures to look for when selecting the right DVR recorder are motion detection and frame speed.

A camera located in a semi-public area such as your front porch can be put in a vandal resistant dome for protection. The distance from the monitoring object to the camera is not an issue here, that is why the ability to select different lenses, based on camera location is so important.

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