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The higher the frame speed the more fluent the video recording. Of course, WCCTV cameras aren't cheap (they range anywhere from about $50 to over $600), but considering the money you save on installation and maintenance-not to mention the quality and convenience of long-distance wireless surveillance-a wireless camera is well worth the investment. We strongly suggest having a DVR recorder in your CCTV system. It then translates it into electric pulses. For instance: a camera's night vision can be improved by adding an infrared illuminator under the camera bracket. Hidden Cameras Surveillance cameras come in various sizes, and use different communication methods and sight abilities. Basic camera capabilities can easily be improved by adding special lenses and other devices. In some systems you can also find a special monitor. CCD stands for Charge Coupled-Device. Home security cameras offer reassurance in the protection of your property and family.

A standard resolution camera may have 350-380 lines, over 400 TV Lines is generally considered good resolution while over 500 TV lines is considered high resolution. These are only the fundamental components.

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Receivers can easily penetrate brick walls, glass windows and other materials depending, of course, on their ability and strength. Video tapes tend to deteriorate quickly, recording quality declines rapidly and you'll constantly be spending money on new cassettes. Video might have killed the radio star but there is no doubt today that DVRs are responsible for the mass extinction of VCRs. CCTV systems are used mainly in large public areas like: banks, malls, train stations, sport stadiums and in almost every large store. Video tapes tend to deteriorate quickly, recording quality declines rapidly and you'll constantly be spending money on new cassettes. And now, with the world going steadily wireless. Will you monitor the house 24/7? Or will you simply record using a time lapse VCR and then view the tapes after something happens. Some systems can only be used over short distances like a nearby room or house, while others can be useful from miles away. The most popular examples of covert board cameras are smoke detector and motion detector cameras. CCTV systems

If you are concerned that large intimidating cameras might make people uncomfortable, consider using smaller cameras or hidden ones. The camera you buy should fit 'naturally' into its surroundings in such a way that it does not draw attention.

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