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Coaxial cables will require BNC connectors and proper installation by experienced technicians. Is the cleaning lady stealing from me? For larger rooms or longer distances, cameras with 6mm or higher lenses may be required. Security Monitors Did the babysitter invite friends over even though I specifically instructed her not to? CCTV Camera Types The plug and play cables are easy enough to install by non-experienced users. In order to get started, it's important to divide this large category into two smaller sub-groups: CCTV systems and spy cams. Most board cameras also come with 3.6mm lenses, although some will allow lenses to be replaced. We recommend this type of security cameras for commercial installations.

For example, why use cameras with 500 TV lines of resolution with a monitor that offers only 380 or less. We advise to carefully check your security needs before buying a CCTV system. Think of places around the house or yard that you can't control by sight. Remember that the camera's function is to replace your presence in sensitive areas.

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You could also mix-in a number of dummy cameras as part of your security arrangement. That means that if the location you're watching changes, you just pick up the camera, move it to the new location, plug it into an electrical socket if necessary, and go back to the monitor to watch. This type of surveillance system is extremely efficient in monitoring large crowds in real-time. Hidden Cameras Could the horrors that I hear about in the news occur in my own home? Receivers can easily penetrate brick walls, glass windows and other materials depending, of course, on their ability and strength. Spy cameras As a rule of thumb, the larger the size, the higher the quality of the image produced and the higher the price. An IR-illuminator is a device that emits infrared light-low frequency electromagnetic radiation that's outside the visible spectrum. In other words, it gives off light that a camera can pick up and use, but that a person can't see-so while it's still dark to the human eye, the camera can see just fine. The 'nanny camera' needs to fit in as part of your bedroom decoration.

It can be your new alarm clock or pillow, but not a teddy bear (unless of course furry stuffed animals are a common sight in your bedroom). The basic CCTV system can be divided into three components:

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